Power quartet of electric vibraphone, cello, bass and drums from Portland, Oregon.
Susan Lucia (drums) and Grayson Fiske (vibraphone) started the project in 2013. Human Ottoman has created a repertoire of raucous, rhythmically dynamic music which combines their enthusiasm for music of all cultures with modern genre-mashing sensibilities, characterized most of all by their unique instrumentation. From brain-crashing cello solos and atomic vibraphone drops to drum solos that scholars are still struggling to understand, Human Ottoman is bringing polyrhythmic rock to the masses.
Susan can also be found playing with: 
...and occasionally with...

Past Projects:
Hot Milk, Voodoun Moi, Galaxy Electric, Vagabond Opera, Verbal Bassics

Recording Resume:

Three For Silver-The Way We Burn; Blue Ruin; Red Moon
Voodoun Moi - Monthly Lullaby
Bustin Jieber - self titled; Bustin Jieber vs. the Gravy RobbersAin't So Pretty
Hot Milk -EP
Human Ottoman - Farang; Power Baby; Rampage

Galaxy Electric - Everything is Light and Sound
Weather Machine - Peach  (percussion)
Heather Anne, Jr. - Wild As Love                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Alden and the Ambiance -EP
Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts - 14 Channels
Underscore Orchestra - The Scale is Descending     Mod Robert- Better late than Never

-multiple other single song sessions!

-multiple albums that are recorded but still in the making!