Susan is enthused with rhythm, whether it is groovin' in the pocket or experimenting with layered polyrhythms. She has become totally obsessed with rhythm and it's cyclical patterns and the challenge of coordination while exploring the drum set. She is influenced by so many different styles of music but especially enjoys traditional Afro-Peruvian, Brazilian and African dance music.
Susan currently plays in a few unique bands and also freelances about. She has played on several recordings of all genres and loves to do session work because it always keeps her on her toes.
Susan finds playing music to be a beautiful thing to do and is always looking forward to spending quality time with her drum set.
A native of Denver Colorado, Susan is now living in Portland, Oregon. 
She has been playing drums for 15 years. 

Susan was a top 10 finalist in the 2014 "Hit Like a Girl" International drumming contest.
She has toured nationally with March Fourth among other bands and internationally with EMA, recently opening 15 shows for Depeche Mode. 
Available for gigs, recording sessions and lessons 
Don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested.

(You will find lots of videos of me playing drums on my instagram page @susandrums)